Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2015 Edition

2015 Annual Queen of the Woild Ride to
Glenwood, Washington via the BZ Highway
With a stop in Stevenson, Washington

Ride to the old Shade Tree Restaurant
Which was also known as The Mountain Inn
Which was also known as the Glenwood Inn
Which is now known as Glenwood Station
For a yummy club sandwich and fries
Except that they are now out of business....
So.... we'll be checking out the menu at
The Glenwood General Store and Cafe

Glenwood, Washinton
A 240 mile ride

February 15, 2015

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I've been doing this ride several times a year since around 2005. I've got
pictures of some of the earlier rides salted away in the wayback machine somewhere.
One of these days I'll get around to posting them.

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The 2011 Spring opener ride to Glenwood is posted HERE.

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Washington State Highway 14 east to White Salmon. Left (North) on 141 to BZ Corner
Right onto the BZ-Glenwood Hwy to Glenwood. Turn right at Glenwood and follow the
highway along the Klickitat River (great views!) to the junction of hwy 142. Right
(west) on 142 to Lyle (more great views!). State Highway 14 west back to Portland.

If you'd like to tag along, E-mail me for assembly point times and locations.

The young couple who bought the place from Jerry couldn't make a go of it so they
sold it. The new owner couldn't make it either. The joint is now closed looking
for someone to take it on as a lease. It's a shame because both sets of new owners
worked very hard to make the place a success. We were there just before they closed
in late October, 2014. There was no indication of problems when we enjoyed what was
to be our last yummy club sandwich and fries there.

Hopefully the joint will re-open so that I can get a yummy club sandwich and fries
again when we come by in the future. But that's questionable to say the least. The
restaurant in BZ Corner used to be pretty good but after a succession of owners
the place seems to be permanently closed now. There's a half way decent restaurant
in Trout Lake but other than that you have to go to Goldendale or Bingen to find a
good meal (Sodbusters or Killer Burger).

November, 2014 UPDATE: The place has yet another new owner! They've renamed the
motel, market and fuel business "Glenwood Station". They apparently have no plans
to re-open the restaurant and are hoping to find someone who will lease the space.
We shall see I guess.

In the meantime, we'll be looking for suitable alternatives. Such as the Glenwood
General Store which has a limited menu and very limited seating.


I spoke with the owner of the Glenwood General Store. He seems like a very nice
fellow. He has expressed interest in "picking up the slack" if the Glenwood Station
restaurant doesn't re-open this Spring. He already has a nice menu but very limited
seating. However, picnic tables could be put out which would really help a lot.
Several people have told me that the fried chicken at the Glenwood General Store is
quite good. If he can get a grill set up and offer burgers then this could be a dandy
meal stop for our Glenwood Loop rides.

And by the way... The Glenwood General Store is a general store, not a restaurant.
And a very well stocked general store it is! Pretty much anything you could want
is here. Very strong inventory. So if you are into soda, chips, ding dongs and so
on, you'll be happy with the selection.

We'll drop by in April for our Glenwood Spring Opener to see how things are going.
Maybe they'll even have a club sandwich and fries on the menu! Yum!!!

Here's some pictures taken along the way on today's ride.

This is a very scenic ride year round although they are usually up to their eyeballs
in snow mid-February. It's rare to get out to Glenwood in March. I think this is
our first ride out that way in February.

Mount Adams was shrouded in clouds today. This is the only half way decent shot
taken on today's ride.

The falls at Little Maui

Here's pictures of today's ride Stevenson, Washington segment.

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