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The Original Easyrider® Windy Ridge Opener
Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument
2014 End Of Summer Ride
Fall Windy Ridge Ride - 290 miles
September 6, 2014

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The road to Windy Ridge typically doesn't open until late June or early July.
Call first, obviously.

This is likely to be the 2014 end-of-Summer run. Temps in the 90's.... won't be
seeing them for a while. First snow up this way will be in a few weeks and then
the roads up here will be closed until July, 2015. So..... off we go.

The Harley has some sort of a starter switch problem so decided to take Suzy.
She was a little cranky after not being started for nearly a year. But, I've had
her on a battery tender the whole time and once we got out on the highway she
settled down. Nice day... slightly chilly until we got to Cougar. Then very
pleasant. Downright hot coming back from Randle. I'm guessing that this is the
last 90's day for 2014.

Pretty windy up here on Windy Ridge. Lots of pumice dust swirling around up on
the summit. Must be downright unpleasant up there. This is the most bare I have
ever seen Mount St Helens.... barely a spot of snow. And we're probably a few
weeks from weather where it's cold enough to snow here.... of course in 4-6 weeks
FR 99 and probably FR 25 will be closed due to deep snow so this is definitely the
last ride to Windy Ridge for 2014.

Headed out early (07:00). Took 503 from Woodland to Cougar instead of 14 to Carson
which shaved a few more miles and minutes from the ride. Got to Windy Ridge at
around 10:30. Very few people here but of course they were showing up in droves
by the time we left, an hour later.

Decided to head up the hill for some better views and photo opportunities.

BTW, it's 93 miles from the last gas in Cougar to the first gas in Randle... about
ten miles less than taking the Carson to Randle route.

Pretty hazy but here's a view of Mount Adams.

And Mount Rainier behind Spirit Lake

Lots of dust flying around in the Plains of Abraham.

Here's more pictures of the Windy Ridge End Of Summer Ride...

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