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Spring flower hike
Catherine Creek, Lyle, Washington
And the Klickitat Rail Trail
A 6 mile, 4 hour easy stroll
April 13, 2013

Miles hiked= 60.2; Total elevation gain= 8,330'
2012 Totals: 367.58 miles, 101,161' elevation gain

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More information about the Klickitat Rail Trail can be found HERE.
More information about Catherine Creek can be found HERE.

The Catherine Creek segment of this hike can be found HERE.

This is an annual event for the Klickitat Trail Conservatory. Because it's a
long drive out here for such a short hike, this is the first year that Julie and
I have attended. There's a lot of snow at the low elevations and it's pouring
buckets West of Hood River soooooooo... in the interest of getting a little sun
here we are.

Most of the Kickitat Rail Trail hikes begin at the Lyle traihead. This event
was no exception.

Barbara Robinson led this hike. Barb and her assistant Steve Woolpert are
experts at identifying local flora and fauna. KTC events are always interesting
and informative. Today's hike was no exception.

There were many eagles flying around but they were too high or too far away
to get pictures of. A turkey vulture flew within spitting distance though...

We did the Catherine Creek segment on our own before the KRT piece.
Only one other person showed up at the Lyle trailhead for this event was disappointing
I'm sure. Like all of the KTC events, this is a great activity so I'm surprised that
the turn out was so small. Barb stopped for lunch about a mile from the trailhead.
Julie and I went on alone and had a yummy serpent surprise lunch at the Gorge Panda.

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