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Visit the Ghost Town of
Susanville, Oregon
Grant County

September 22, 2016

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Susanville is an unincorporated community in Grant County, Oregon, United States,
in the Blue Mountains about two miles up Elk Creek from Galena. The place was
started as a gold mining camp in 1862 or 1864 and is now considered a ghost town.

Susanville was originally where Galena is now. Susanville post office was established
in 1888, but was moved by miners two miles up Elk Creek in 1901, and Galena post
office replaced the one at Susanville's original location. The story goes that the
miners of the "New Susanville" actually stole the post office, including its
mailboxes, canceling stamp, inkpad. The Susanville office ran until 1952, after
which mail went to Bates.

In 1913, the 80-oz Armstrong Nugget was found in the Susanville area.

Susanville only had one street because Elk Creek canyon was too narrow for more.
In its heyday, the camp had a store and a ten-stamp stamp mill. As many as 1000
miners would come to town on Saturday nights

Followed the Elk Creek road for several miles. You come to a fork
about three miles in. Drove another mile on the left fork which was
the wider of the two. Saw nothing.

The fork to the right goes up a grade and is posted private property.
I believe this is the road to Susanville which is probably very close
to this location. Again, saw nothing and didn't want to trespass on
private property.

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