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Visit the Ghost Town of
Sanger, Oregon
Baker County

September 23, 2016

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The town as well as the mine was name Sanger in 1872 but they had several other
names during the years before that. The Sanger post office opened in 1887. What the
miners did for mail distribution for fifteen years remains a mystery. The Sanger
mine was the largest gold producer in the area. Located on the west side of Eagle
Creek, it had a long period of activity up to the turn of the century. A large and
imposing log cabin still stands on the flat below the mine and could have served as
a hotel at one time.

Sanger is about 2 miles north of Sparta, Oregon, on Sparta Butte Road

We went about 3 1/2 miles up Sparta Butte road and got into an area
posted as private property. At about two miles down Sparta Butte road
there was a fork to the right that went down a narrow road. This could
(and likely is) the road to Sanger.

Here's a few pictures taken along Sparta Lane.

These images were taken with my Nikon D810 and my nifty fifty lens.

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