Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2016 Edition

Visit the Wasco County Ghost Town of
Rice, Oregon and the Rice Cemetery

With stops in a few other Wasco County
Ghost Towns and points of interest along the way

The old Nelson Homestead, Wrentham, Oregon
Wrentham, Oregon
Kingsley, Oregon
The Kingsley Catholic Cemetery
Friend, Oregon

February 20, 2016

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Rice is an unincorporated community in Wasco County, in the U.S. state of Oregon.
It is about 5 miles northeast of Dufur, near Boyd and U.S. Route 197.

Rice was named for Horace Rice, who settled on upper Fifteenmile Creek in the 1860s
and who planted the first crop of wheat in upland Wasco County. When the Great
Southern Railroad established a line into the area in 1905, Rice's name was given
to the station.

Some people want to keep the location of these places secret. I don't! One of
the things I strive to do on this web site is to tell folks how to actually find
this stuff. For the most part, picture metadata includes GPS data so that you
won't be driving all over creation if you want to visit places you read about here.
The best travel book in the world is worthless to me if you can't find the places
they are talking about!

Nelson House: 8 mile road off of I-197 to Emerson Loop Road. The house is off
to the left, close to the road, a mile or two past the Ward Road turn-off. With
a County map, this house is pretty easy to find.

Rice, Oregon and the Rice Cemetery: same as above but turn right onto Ward Road
So far it's all been paved roadway. Bear left onto Fax Road a couple of miles
down Ward Road. Fax Road is compacted dirt/gravel. The "town" of Rice is a mile
or two down Fax Road. Take the left turn when Fax road makes a sharp turn to the
right. A few old structures will be right there.

Rice Cemetery: Continue down Fax road for another mile. The turn off to the
cemetery is to the right, It's a long, narrow dirt road.

Unfortunately, what looked like the access to the Rice cemetery was gated closed
and there was a herd of cattle in the pasture. I would have asked a local for
directions but there wasn't anyone around. Guess we'll have to check it again
some day.

There's more steer than people here in Rice.

Here's more pictures of Rice, Oregon

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