Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2016 Edition

Travels to several Oregon Ghost towns in
Sherman and Gilliam County

Klondike, Oregon
Webfoot, Oregon
Fairview, Oregon
Ajax, Oregon
Gwendolen, Oregon
Clem, Oregon
Mikkalo, Oregon
Olex, Oregon

And Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Memorial Day Weekend
May 28, 2016

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This looks like it was the Mikkalo General Store at one time. Possibly a
Texaco station?

Every friggin' dog in town started yapping when we showed up.

Mikkalo is an unincorporated community in Gilliam County, Oregon, United States,
at an elevation of 1,470 feet. Mikkalo is about 4 miles northwest of Clem, Oregon. Although
unincorporated, Mikkalo has a ZIP code of 97861. In 1905, the place was named for
settler John Mikkalo, and a post office opened at Mikkalo in 1907. It was along the
Condon Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad. The Mikkalo Farmers Elevator had a fire
on March 28, 1921.

This region experiences warm but not hot, dry summers

This old train tressle is all we saw of the old rail line running from
Clem to Mikkalo

Where's the food lady?!?!?!

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