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Ride to Lava Canyon
McClellan Viewpoint, Mount St. Helens
Through Cougar, Washington and
Along the Wind River Highway
And my last pizza ever at The Lone Fir Resort Cafe
A 200 mile loop ride

June 22, 2014

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We were out this way in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

There's pictures of previous trips to Lava Canyon HERE, HERE and HERE

Tried to get out here on May 13, 2012 but the last 8 miles of the road was closed due to
snow. This is often the case in Spring. Got as far as Marble Mountain.

The Lava Canyon Interpretive Center opened 5/7/14. That trip report is HERE.

For planning purposes, the road from Marble Mountain to Lava Canyon is rarely open
before the second week in June. Interestingly, the road was just opened a couple of
days ago but there wasn't a spot of snow ANYWHERE between Marble Mountain and Lava

The obligatory stop at Hamilton Landing. It was a little chilly running the
Gorge early in the morning, but it warmed up and turned into a pretty nice day.

And then the obligatory stop at the McClellan viewpoint.

There were a lot of colorful purple weeds at Lava Canyon.

This is the first time I've eaten at the Lone Fir since the new owners took it over.
The Lone Fir used to have the best pizza on the Planet. No more.... :(
They raised their prices and got VERY stingy with the portions. $26 including tip
for a medium pizza that was not particularly good at all. For that price, there are
dozens of places where you can get a MUCH better pizza.... The Lone Fir has been a
mandatory stop for decades, any time I was in the area. Unfortunately, no more.
Very disappointing. VERY disappointing...

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