Travels with the Original Easyrider®
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Visit the Wasco County Ghost Town of
Rice, Oregon and the Rice Cemetery

With stops in a few other Wasco County
Ghost Towns and points of interest along the way

The old Nelson Homestead, Wrentham, Oregon
Wrentham, Oregon
Kingsley, Oregon
The Kingsley Catholic Cemetery
Friend, Oregon

February 20, 2016

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Ghost town of Kingsley Oregon Kinsley Oregon is another one of those towns that existed, but is now nothing more
then a spot on the map.

According to Oregon Post Offices, 1847-1982 by Richard W. Helbock, a post office
was established about ten miles south of Dufur Oregon, and four miles west of Friend
(also a Ghost Town,) on January 24, 1878. The name was suggested by Elizabeth
Wilson, who was the post master of The Dalles at the time. Wilson so enjoyed Charles
Kingsley's book "Westward Ho!" that the name was a homage to the author.

Lewis A. McArthur in his timeless book, Oregon Geographic Names,states that Judge
Fred W. Wilson informs him that his mother, E. M. Wilson was called upon at The
Dalles by a delegation from the area. She had the book open in her lap, and
immediately suggested the name.

A formal town plat was filed on May 16, 1893, but the arrival of the Great Southern
Railroad in Friend in 1913 signaled Kingsley's eventual demise.

The Post Office existed until November 30th, 1920. Besides two Cemeteries, the
Kingsley Cemetery and the Catholic Cemetery, there is no sign that a town of any
sort was ever here. Only wheat fields and the occasional tree breaks up the dirt roads.

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