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Visit the Ghost Town of
Jawbone Flats
Marion County, Oregon

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Miners arrived in this area near Mill City in 1859 and discovered gold. Other
minerals were in greater supply and also found nearby, such as copper, zinc and
lead. Mining camp was established in 1931 and the Shiney Rock minning company
continued until 1992. The remains of an old lumber mill are nearby on the way to
Jawbone Flats, and the camp is near Opal Creek on the Little North Fork of the
Santiam river. Located approx. 22 miles east of Salem. Jawbone Flats gets its
electricity from water sent down pipes from higher elevation into a water turbine.
The tailing piles were removed many years ago in a clean up effort. Located near
some of the most beautiful old growth forest in Oregon.

Jawbone Flats was started some time around 1930 as a mining town. Mining
continued in the area until 1992, when the Shiny Rock Mining company donated land
in the area to the fledgling Friends of Opal Creek. In 1996, the area surrounding
the town became part of the Opal Creek Wilderness and Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area.

Today the town is run by the same group, now renamed the Opal Creek Ancient Forest
Center. The town is being restored as a historic center and outdoor museum of the
mining era. The cabins here can be rented.

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