Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Hood River, Oregon
And a nice train ride to Odell, Dee and Parkdale
150 miles - 8/29/10


The Mount Hood Railroad Depot
Hood River, Oregon

The excursion train
A 4 hour ride through the apple orchard country of the Hood River Valley

You can rent the Blue Cow Caboose which they will
hook on to the end of the excusion train

Some Pullman cars that didn't come along on this run

We're off...... A view of Mount Hood from the train

Yours truly

The Clear Creek Station, Parkdale, Oregon.
A one hour layover to have lunch and buy stuff

The Birthday Girl

It was a nice day. A little breezy but sunny and high 60's

A 1928 Federal Big Six log truck

A Rocky Butte Quarry truck that's seen better days

There's some historic, if not a little beat up landmarks here in Parkdale
People are currently living here

That's a somewhat socked in Mount Hood off to the left of the birthday girl

There are some interesting buildings, homes and .... ummmmm... stuff in Parkdale

Getting ready to leave

Back in Hood River, Oregon
A fast moving freight train heading for Portland

Our Engineer heads back to the barn

Ride to Cathlamet, Washington

Table Mountain ride