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2015 Benton County Oregon
Covered Bridge Ride
Part Three

Visit the Hayden Covered Bridge
Plus a few area Ghost Towns
A 393 mile, mostly loop tour

July 25, 2015

Coming from Portland you may want to consider hitting
these bridges in the order listed

Part One of the 2015 tour can be found HERE.
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Part Three of the 2015 tour can be found HERE.

Part One of the 2013 tour can be found HERE.
Part Two of the 2013 tour can be found HERE.
Part Three of the 2013 tour can be found HERE.

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A word of advice: Links are provided that contain a lot of information about each
of these covered bridges. But take the directions with a grain of salt. The guy who
wrote them doesn't seem to know the difference between North and East... many of the
directions are vague or misleading... and in some cases downright wrong. So do your
homework as we did and be prepared to do some scouting to find some of these bridges.

All the pictures posted on this segment have GPS information included in each photo's
metadata. If your browser has the appropriate plugin, you can right click each photo
and bring up the location on your favorite Internet mapping tool (e.g. Google Maps).
You'll find that it's a LOT easier to find these bridges with good directions, a really
good map and accurate GPS coordinates.

You can also click on many of these pictures to enlarge them.

A County map (free from AAA if you are a member) can also be a real help. If you
visit the bridges in the order that they are displayed here, you will travel about 200
miles from bridge one to bridge five.

Oregon covered bridge overview

The above "covered bridge tour route" signs were not here when we
did this tour in 2013. Be advised that they are inconsistently placed
so you probably shouldn't depend on seeing a sign at all of the turns.
They are certainly helpful and a welcome improvement from they way it
used to be, but still.... if you're planning on a covered bridge tour,
be prepared and do your research.

These latest five bridges were mostly easy to find and the turns were
mostly well signed. Naturally, you'll want to do your research before
you head out but we had zero problems finding any of the covered bridges
reviewed in this segment.

Covered Bridges

Drift Creek Covered Bridge

Chitwood Covered Bridge

Yachats Covered Bridge

Fisher School Covered Bridge

Hayden Covered Bridge

Ghost Towns

Kernville, Oregon

Elk City, Oregon

Coast Pictures

Depot Bay, Oregon

Seal Rock, Oregon

Spanning the Alsea River only two miles west of Alsea, the Hayden Bridge is one of the oldest in the state. The span was either partially or totally rebuilt
in 1945. Its portals, once rounded in design, have been enlarged to a more modern design to facilitate larger loads. Vertical board and batten siding flares
out at the base, similar to Lincoln County covered spans. A daylighting window strip below the roofline on both sides of the bridge illuminates the interior.

Alsea was a river community as early as 1850, known as Alseya Settlement. The name is derived from the name of an Indian tribe living at the mouth of the
river, originally pronounced in three syllables During the heyday of covered bridge construction, several of the covered structures were built close by on
the Alsea River and its tributary. Oregon's last covered span on a primary state highway, the Mill Creek Bridge on Oregon Highway 34, stood just two miles
away. Only the Hayden Bridge remains.

Location: From Corvallis take Highway 34 southwest approximately 24 miles to Alsea and continue west 2 miles to Hayden Road. Turn left on Hayden Road and continue
for several hundred yards to the bridge.

Latitude: 44°22'59.3"N Longitude: 123°37'50.4"W

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