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Holy dog shit!!!!
Today I officially became a [Medicare] card carrying Geezer...
June 10, 2012

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Pictures of our trip to Cannon Beach for my birthday are HERE.

Yours truly, five years ago when I was well on my way to an early heart attack,
stroke, diabetes or whatever. The prognosis for a long and healthy future was not good.

On the road to better health... recent pictures. 3x per week at the gym isn't
doing my biceps or chest any harm...

Lunch break atop Mount Defiance. Definitely could not have done this 5 yars ago...
or even two years ago.

A nice 64th b'day hike out Rowena Crest way and kung pao at the China Gorge in
Hood River. Also did the Mosier Twin Tunnel hike that day.

My last meal as a pre-geezer, June 9, 2012. Yummy kung pao at the China Gorge.
Serpent Surprise for Julie.

Not too shabby. 189#, BMI=24, prime physical condition... :)
I worked very hard to get into this condition.
I'm wearing Julie's presents: brand new 34" waist 501's and a size *SMALL* wife beater top!

Enjoying my birthday cupcakes while dying of thirst at Cannon Beach.
Can you believe that Little Miss Organization forgot the water but boosted the spore's hat?

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