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Eloise Day
The day the Universe adores Eloise, Queen of the Woild

When you're Queen Of The Woild, everyday is Eloise Day
In 2013, it was December 15
In 2014, it was November 4
In 2015 it is.... FEBRUARY!!!
A goil so wonderful that you just can't adore her in only one day..
In 2016 it was September 12

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Happy Birthday Eloise!

Sponsored by "GET LOST!", the latest amazing product from the Eloise Company.
Also available in convenient 55 gallon drums.

Works on:
Cars with Hillary bumper stickers
Red lights
It works on EVERYTHING!

Eloise Falls

Eloise Jeep

Ellie Oakley!

Crappy Thanksgiving in 2013. CRAP-EEEEE! Crappy Christmas too. So.... Eloise,
who is the Queen of the Woild for very good reasons, came up with the solution.


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