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Vist the Ghost Town of
Deep River, Washington

The historic Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
And the Deep River, Washington Cemetery

April 6, 2016

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We were out to Deep River, Washington in 2015.

Here's a link to some detailed information about the early Deep River, Washington settlement

Here's pictures of the the historic Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
In Deep River, Washington

Here's pictures of the Deep River, Washington Cemetery in
Deep River, Washington

In 2015 we found another ghost town, Deep River, Washington. Not much left but
some broken down buildings in the town. We were walking around taking pics
when a woman stopped and ask if we wanted to see the old Holy Trinity Lutheran
Church...she had the key and takes care of it, so Eva was eager to show us
around and played us a song on the piano. A lovely welcoming lady. She gave
us a lot of history of the town and took us up to the cemetery. Her
Grandparents had settled there in the late 1800's and her family has been
there ever since. They are Finnish as were many of the settlers in that area
so they do some of the service in Finnish when they hold service. The inside
has never been repainted, it's original. A beautiful little church in the
country. We are always very fortunate to meet people to give us history on
our adventures.

This is "Downtown Deep River, Washington. The Red and White store
looks like the last early structure still standing. And it's probably
going to fall down soon. The church up the road is 118 years old and is
still in excellent condition though.

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