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2013 Covered Bridge Ride
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Part Three
A 300 mile, 9 hour, 6 covered bridges ride
June 29, 2013

Part One of this tour can be found HERE.
Part Two of this tour can be found HERE.

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It was a VERY hot day.. the hottest since last Summer. This could have been a much
nicer ride except that the directions for these bridges was even worse than they
were for part one and two of this tour. Morons who provide travel instructions
on web sites who don't actually know what they are talking about piss me off.
This was coupled by the fact that every trailer trash clod with a running vehicle
was in the area making a nuisance of themselves. You don't find many White people
blasting ghetto gangsta rap at 70 db above pain in my neighborhood. I feel bad for
the locals who have to put up with this crap for several months every year.

A word of advice: Links are provided that contain a lot of information about each
of these covered bridges. But take the directions with a grain of salt. The guy who
wrote them doesn't seem to know the difference between North and East... many of the
directions are vague or misleading... and in some cases downright wrong. So do your
homework as we did and be prepared to do some scouting to find some of these bridges.

A Linn/Lane County map (free from AAA if you are a member) can be a real help. If you
visit the bridges in the order that they are displayed here, you will travel about 55
miles from bridge one to bridge six.

Oregon covered bridge overview

Mohawk River (Earnest) Covered Bridge, Lane County, Oregon

This bridge was very easy to find, following the basic directions. The bridge
is adjacent to Marcola Road and is easily spotted.

Mill Creek (Wendling) Covered Bridge

Ignore the crappy directions and just travel along Marcola Road until you get to
Wendling Road. The Wendling Road covered bridge is about 3 1/2 miles (+/-) from
the beginning of Wendling Road.

Alternately, after leaving the Earnest Covered Bridge, follow Paschelke Road to the
end and turn left onto Wendling Road.

Fall Creek (Pengra) Covered Bridge

The next cluster of four bridges are all within ten miles of each other.
The directions we found on the Internet were obviously written by a deranged
idiot. I'd stronly advise thoroughly researching the location for each bridge
including having a GOOD city/county map and GPS coordinates for each bridge.

The next four bridges are listed in the order in which we found them which may
or may not be the most efficient route.

A recommended route would be: I-5 to Route 58 East.
Turn left onto Jasper-Lowell Road (small sign says "To Jasper")
Turn right onto Place Road (Pengra Bridge is right at this intersection).
Continue on Place Road to Jasper-Lowell Road (Unity Bridge is at this intersection)
Right onto Jasper-Lowell Road. The Lowell Bridge is right at the intersection of Route 58.
Right (West) onto Route 58. In about a mile, turn left onto Lost Creek Road. In
about a mile, turn right onto Parvin Road. Travel straight for several miles until you
get to the Parvin Bridge.
Print and carry with you the maps at the bottom of this page. You'll need them!

Moronic Internet directions notwithstanding, once you get to the Unity Covered
bridge described below, continue along on the same direction of travel until you
come to the end of the road. Turn left onto the Jasper-Lowell road and you will see
the Pengra bridge on your left. There are a couple of confusing turns as you go through
"Downtown" Jasper and what looks like a nice park there. Your direction of travel to
Jasper-Lowell road is North. You'll travel more or less Westerly on the Jasper-Lowell

The Internet directions would have been fine except that the left turn off from route
58 is mislabeled . There was a string of retards tailgating me at 60 MPH while
I was trying to locate this turn which aggravated me to no end.

Fall Creek (Unity) Covered Bridge

"County Road 6220" is a paved, major thoroughfare. Simply travel North from the
Lowell Covered Bridge described below and you will run right into the Unity Covered

Lowell Covered Bridge

Ding dong directions aside, this bridge is VERY easy to find if you just travel East
on route 58 (from Eugene). You'll see the bridge on your left as you enter Dexter.

Julie packed a nice picnic lunch. There was no shade here and it was VERY hot
by the time we got here. The City Engineers were really on the ball placing the
picnic benches right next to the outhouse stench pipes.

By this time I was VERY cranky due to the crowds of fucktards, crappy directions,
lack of accurate signage and the opprressive heat. Julie was a good sport about it
as usual and remained cheerful even though I was not. She's too good for me, I think.

Lost Creek (Parvin) Covered Bridge

This bridge is not difficult to find if you ignore the idiotic Internet directions.
Parvin Road runs more or less parallel to Route 58. Traveling East from Eugene, about
a mile before you get to the Lowell Covered Bridge, turn right onto Rattlesnake Road.
You'll go about 5 miles on Rattlesnake Road and turn right onto Parvin Road. The Parvin
bridge is just down the road and easy to spot. Alternately, you can take the Lost Creek
Road turn (South) off of Route 58 and then turn right on Parvin Road. Parvin Road
crosses Rattlesnakle Road... just continue straight through the intersection.

There are more pictures of the covered bridge tour HERE AND HERE.

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