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2013 Edition

Hike the Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail
The Memaloose Hill trail hike
and a brief visit to Rowena Crest

Nearby areas of interest:
The Klickitat Rail Trail
Catherine Creek
The Convict Road Trail
Dougs Beach State Park
Lyle, Washington
5 mile hike, 700' elevation gain (in two segments)
April 20, 2013

Miles hiked= 72.2; Total elevation gain= 10,406'
2012 Totals: 367.58 miles, 101,161' elevation gain

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Were were out here in 2012. Pictures of that hike are HERE.

The 2013 Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail segment of this hike is HERE.

GETTING THERE: Take the Mosier exit off of I-84 8 miles East of Hood River.
Follow Highway 30 for several miles until you get to the Memaloose Overlook turnout
which will be on the left. If you get to Rowena Crest, you went too far.

Here's a shot of Memaloose Island from the viewpoint.

There's a trail off to the left that we followed just for fun. Turned out to be
pretty boring. Several hundred feet of elevation loss until you end up at I-84.
Nice view of the river though.

The real wildflower hike out here is Memaloose Hill. The trail starts across
the street from the Memaloose Overlook sign. It's a very easy trail to follow and
ends at the top of a hill about a mile or so from the trailhead.

There were quite a few eagles up here today.

If you try to make a loop hike out of this trip, as we did, you'll get to see
this interesting octagon home since the fork to the right comes out on Hwy 30
about 3/4 of a mile east of the Memaloose Overlook....

Then a couple of miles east to Rowena Crest to check out the views there.

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