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Hike the Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail
The Convict Road Trail
Dougs Beach State Park
Lyle, Washington
7 mile hike, 1,069' elevation gain
February 11, 2012

2012 total miles hiked= 37.7; Total elevation gain= 7,087'

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GETTING THERE: Cherry Orchard Trailhead: I-84 east to Exit 64/Hood River. Cross the
Hood River Bridge to WA SR-14 and turn right/east. Continue past the town of Lyle, WA
and look for the parking area just past the tunnel on your left/north side of highway.

The turn out is 2 miles from the center of Lyle. If you go past Dougs Beach State
Park, you've gone too far.

When you get to this sign, which is just up the hill from the trailhead, go left
to travel the Convict Road. The Convict Road trail is fairly easy and level although
you have to navigate a lot of rock slides. The road goes for two miles and ends in Lyle.

Turn right and go up-hill to get to the Lyle Cherry Orchard. This trail is about 2 1/2
miles and is well worn although deciding which forks to take can be a challenge.
Basically, you want to take the choices that either go "up" or East. You really
can't get "lost" up here, per se... but you could easily wind up going West and
into Lyle instead of staying on the trail.

This is what the begining (or the end) of the Lyle Convict Road looks like.

And the trailhead parking turn out below.

The view from several hundred feet up the Cherry Orchard trail.

The view of the town of Lyle from the Cherry Orchard Trail meadow. If you've gone
this far, you missed the fork that takes you up to the actual cherry orchard.

This pile of fur and carcass looks like it belonged to a coyote. The only thing I
can think of that could run down a coyote would be a cougar. Tough neighborhood...

In about 2 1/2 miles, you'll come up on a nice cherry tree with a great view of
the Gorge looking East. Great place to stop for lunch.

More eagles!

It was not a very nice day in Portland, weather wise.. we were lucky to have sun
and relatively warm temperatures out here East of the Cascades. Sunday turned out to
be a mostly crappy day so we chose our hike day wisely. It's still the dead of Winter
so we'll take any half way decent outdoor day we can get!

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