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Hike to Catherine Creek Arch
Catherine Creek Falls
6.4 mile, 1,505' elevation gain hike
2012 Total Miles Hiked= 24.9; Total elevation gain= 5,481'
February 4, 2012

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GETTING THERE: Washington State Route 14 East of the Hood River/White Salmon bridge.
Go past Bingen and continue about 4 1/2 miles to Old Highway 8. Turn left on Old Highway
8, which is also County Road 1230. Travel east on this road for about 1 1/2 mile to the
trailhead. The universal access trail takes off to the right (downhill from the road).
The rock arch hike and others begin uphill to the left.

It was a cold, windy, very overcast day to start out with. Conditions improved
later in the day but this turned out to be a not very good picture taking day.

The arch (we never saw the actual hole in the wall arch) is right behind this
old corral.

This is where the arch is supposed to be... doesn't look like the pictures I saw
describing this hike though....

The Forest Service put a fence up here that's supposed to keep people off of
Catherine Creek Arch. Good luck with that....

Catherine Creek Falls (I'm guessing).

We swung over to Balfour to see if we could get some eagle pictures.... there were
dozens of eagles over there last week. Today... na-da..

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