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2011 Edition

Cannon Beach, Oregon
January 16, 2011

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My friend who owns the Cannon Beach Leather Shop asked if I was foolish enough
to ride to the Coast during the storm and with all of the flooding going on. Well..
I may be nuts but I'm not quite *THAT* crazy! Wild, monsoon weather.. Heavy rain,
very high winds and lots of road flooding and landslides. Cannon Beach was pretty
much deserted except for a few other intrepid adventurers. I actually enjoy Cannon
Beach during the dead of Winter and especially on stormy days. Today is the best day
I've had in quite some time (and I didn't even have one of Cannon Beach Bakery's
yummy donuts!!)

News story: PORTLAND, Ore. A Pacific storm sweeping through the Northwest has
brought heavy rain to Washington state and Oregon, causing multiple landslides that
shut down roads across the region. Oregon transportation officials on Sunday closed
U.S. Highway 20, also called Santiam Highway, near Cascadia in central Oregon after a
landslide brought about 150 cubic yards of mud, rock and debris onto the road.
KOIN-TV reports that a section of a Portland road was partially under water Saturday,
while a landslide closed the westbound lanes of Highway 26 in the mountains west of
Hillsboro. Landslides also closed sections of three state highways in southwest
Washington. The National Weather Service says the rain likely would cause flooding
through Monday, as many waterways already were rising from snowmelt due to recent
warmer temperatures.

Not getting ready to draw a gun... just keeping the camera dry...

This is about as deserted as Cannon Beach gets on a weekend. There was a church
group in town else it would have been even more deserted.

Cannon Beach has some interesting old structures.

Ecola State Park is up on a bluff and was VERY wet and windy!
And pretty much socked in as you can see.

The Pacific Ocean is out there somewhere.....

Indian Beach

Klootchy Creek County Park

Not exactly a quiet little creek today...

These guys were fixing to put some test and measurement instruments down river.

Some "creek"..... We were pretty much soaked by this time.
Had dinner at the Elderberry Inn and
then headed for home. Pretty nice day....

Sergeant Dilligaf sent me this picture and video today (1/17/11)
They live right on the Sandy River and the creek is definitely rising..
This is a shot from the camp site picnic table looking down towards the

This is what the river looked like last September

This is what that same location looks like today

  Crown Zellerbach Trail

                                                  Bridge of the Gods Trailhead hikes  


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