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Eagle watching at Balfour-Klickitat
A 1 mile stroll with 170' elevation gain
And a side trip to Catherine Creek
A 2 mile stroll with 260' elevation gain
And still another side trip along the Convict Road
A 2 mile stroll with 300' elevation gain
Lyle, Washington

Miles hiked= 5; Total elevation gain= 730'
February 2, 2013

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We were out here in 2012. Pictures are HERE.


Pictures of our previous trip along the Convict Road.

And pictures of our 2012 hike at Catherine Creek.

It was a gorgeous (for the dead of Winter) bluebird day East of the Cascades. Dry,
sunny and temps in the low 50's by lunchtime. Saw lots of eagles but most were too
high or too far away to get any good pictures. Still, a very nice day of eagle
watching and several short hikes.

The obligatory rest stop just West of Lyle, Washington on SR 14.

Balfour-Klickitat, at the mouth of the Klickitat River is a popular nesting
location for eagles. We got there early but the eagles remained inactive and hidden
from view until it warmed up a little... around 10:30 or so.

Catherine Creek

Here's a picture of Blinky at Catherine Creek Falls. Would have been a great shot

Even so, Lil' Lynette is mighty cute :)

That's a very frosty Mount Hood off in the distance.

Colorful weeds! Spring must be right around the corner!

Convict Road

We finished the day off with a nice late lunch at the Gorge Panda.

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