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Eagle watching at Balfour-Klickitat
Lyle, Washington
January 29, 2012

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This activity was organized by The Friends Of The Gorge and is an annual event.


There were dozens of bald eagles and other birds of prey nesting in the area!
It was very cold and very windy out there but well worth the trip!
I only have a 35mm 1.8 prime for my Nikon D7000... got some pretty decent shots
in spite of being a substantially less than optimal lens choice for this assignment.
Sport scene mode, f7.1, 1/1600", ISO 400. Cropped and substantially magnified.

Many of these images can be expanded by clicking on them.
The Klickitat area is one of my favorites and I've gotten some really great
pictures out here in the past. But is was a bleak, cold, overcast, rainy
day today so not that much color.

GETTING THERE: Washington State route 14, 8 miles East of the Hood River/White Salmon
bridge. Turn left (North) on old Highway 8 just before you get to the parking area
for the Lyle end of the Klickitat Rail Trail. The well marked Balfour-Klickitat turn
off is just up the road and to the right.

The bridge over the mouth of the Klickitat River just before it flows into the
Columbia. That's the KRT trailhead parking at the middle left.
f5.6, 1/200", ISO 100

A look at Rowena Crest from across the Columbia River. Taken at the Lyle rest stop on
Washington State route 14.

f8, 1/500", ISO 280. The Columbia River looking West from the Lyle rest area.

f8, 1/2500". ISO 1600. A view of Oregon from across the Columbia River.

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